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How can I bypass the authorization of esri/IdentityManager?

Question asked by workplayce on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by bflessner

Using webmap template using Javascript from the Arcgis Online Webmap builder.

It throws an authentication box during testing...

How can one bypass this?


There is a function below:  of course signedIn is returned not signed in.

Where can one get the value of appId to pass into oAuthInfo?  Would passing in the appropriate value cause it to be signed in?
I have the userid/password which works on the signin form.

Can one automatically sign in programmatically...?




    _checkSignIn: function () {

            var deferred, signedIn;

            deferred = new Deferred();


            //If there's an oauth appid specified register it

            if (this.config.oauthappid) {

                var oAuthInfo = new ArcGISOAuthInfo({

                    appId: this.config.oauthappid,

                    popup: true





            // check sign-in status

            signedIn = IdentityManager.checkSignInStatus(this.config.sharinghost + "/sharing");

            // resolve regardless of signed in or not.

            signedIn.promise.always(function () {



            return deferred.promise;