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Visibility/Viewshed Analysis Question

Question asked by boston1685 on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by bousquin.justin

I am looking at a visibility analysis for a proposed facility layout to be built into fairly steep terrain.  I have taken the outlines of my facilities and converted them to 3d points representing the roof lines, and these will be used as the observer locations.  It is my understanding that running the Visibility analysis with these 3d points and using the Frequency method will help answer whether "I can see you, and you can see me" is true.  This gives me Output1.


In addition, I have 16 Key Observation Points (KOPs) and need to figure out what is visible from those locations.  If I run the Visibility analysis on these 16 points using Frequency method then I will get what is visible 360 degrees around that location.  This gives me Output2.  My logic here is that if I combine the results of Output1 and Output2, ensuring to account for all areas that are visible and limiting the view angle of my KOPs towards the proposed facilities, then I will have an aggregate viewshed.  Does this sound right?


Thanks for any help!