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add geocoded graphic to multiple maps - slide accordion storymap

Question asked by JoeRat on Sep 15, 2014


     I am using the Slide Accordion Storymap template for a school redistricting map.  I put three maps in my app; one for elementary, one for middle, and one for High school. Currently there is only the current districts in each map but when we propose redistricting I will add the new layers and an info box to let users know the current/ proposed district based on a map click or a geocoded address. I added the geocoder to the app and configured it to place a graphic at the resulting address. I want the graphic to persist when a user selects a different accordion.  I tried my hand at it but being new to JS I cant figure what I am not doing right.  If some one would be willing to check out my code and let me know what I need to fix that would be great.



     How to either add a geocoded result to multiple maps at once using the slide accordion template or make the initial result pass to the next map when a user clicks over to it.



My app: Storytelling Side Accordion - A story map presented by Esri

My code on Git Hub: WashGIS/SA · GitHub



Thanks for any help or insight.