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Sort in subquery in mssql 2005

Question asked by wbizkpuw on Sep 15, 2014



i'm trying to import some data from another mssql 2005 database into my arcsde 10. I've created some python script to import that data. But now I must solve problem, which is:

- in ms sql server managment studio I've connected to that db, created sql query which is:

SELECT TOP 200 * FROM [envisql].[dbo].[sometable] WHERE [point]=100 ORDER BY [date] DESC

and it works fine.


Then I've connected whrough ODBC to mentioned db, then 'I've added that table to arcmap. Now when I want to show mentioned above records, I'm using definition filter like:

date IN (SELECT TOP 200 [date] FROM [envisql].[dbo].[sometable] WHERE [point]=100 ORDER BY [date] DESC)


It works, but it doesn't show me 200 records but ie. ~500 and not where point=100.


What is wrong?