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Is it possible to include non-editable features in a collector map that can be taken off line?

Question asked by mcguirmm on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by a.hirschi-wyssesri-rw-esridist

The "Preparing data for offline use" help document says that there are two possible configurations for feature access that will work;

  • The read-only configuration (Query and Sync)
  • Editable data configuration (Create, Delete, Query, Sync, Update).


As far as I can tell, only the editable data configuration works.


Maps do not show up in collector unless they have at least one editable feature layer. The map I am testing has two feature layers. When both are fully editible, I can take the map offline. When one is set to the read-only configuration (just Query and Sync Feature Access), the map looks like it is available to take offline, but I get an error when I click the download button.