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General question about the TEMP.gdb and modelling with python

Question asked by chris.en on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by mlewis22

Dear all,


I'm new to programing with arcpy and ArcGIS and have a more general sort of question. Using the ModelBuilder I know that intermediate results within models are often stored in the TEMP.gdb. I started scripting a bit with python and arcpy and wondered if you would really use the TEMP.gdb here as well. At the first glance I can't see any disadvantage of storing intermediate results directly in the original datasets. Of course, sometimes it makes sense to not overwrite useful data but I have the impression that the ModelBuilder generally and always refers to the TEMP.gdb. I can't see any sense in that. Is it just a sort implemented precaution of ArcGIS? Or is it really important? Should I store all my intermediate results in an extra .gdb when building models with python?


I am just interested what you as more experienced users think about that. Appreciate your answer.

Thank you in advance. Regards.