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non-case sensitive search function

Question asked by conabio_sig on Sep 11, 2014
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Dear all,


We are working on a web-map with an integrated search function (built on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript), based on county names, which are requested from a feature service - here the map:

Cruzada Nacional contra el Hambre en Oaxaca


The function works fine, but just when you put the names exactly like they are written in the feature service. Is there a way to define a non-case sensitive search function?



  • Case 1)  Santa Ana Tavela > 1 result
  • Case 2) St. Ana Tavela > 0 results
  • Case 3) Sant Ana Tavela > 0 results
  • Case 4) Ana Tavela > 0 results


How can we define a more flexible search function that also responds to case 2-4?


Thank you & best regards,