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Selecting correct ArcGisFeatureLayer to query onSingleTap event?

Question asked by calin.crist on Sep 11, 2014

My problem: I'm working on a Android (ArcGis) Attribute Editor following the sample code from their tutorials. The problem occurs when I have more than 1 ArcGisDynamicLayer and, more important, more than 1 ArcGisFeatureLayer.

My question: What is the (correct) approach to IDENTIFY the right Feature Layer to query when I tap on a "field" displayed on the map?

I read a similar question (Arcgis SDK for Android - Query multiple feature layers), but I didn't understand how to use IdentifyTask using only a single tap.

EDIT: I tried to get the graphics that I tapped on to compare it to the graphics from every feature layer. If they are equal, that's the feature layer that I'm looking for. But that's not working, because my feature layers don't seem to have any graphics.