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AGOL Print - Basic Viewer Template

Question asked by jmward on Sep 10, 2014
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Hi All,


I am in the process of transitioning a few flex viewer web apps over to AGOL web apps.  I have everything working except the print functionality.  I have seen several posts that have had problems but no resolutions.  When I replace the default print task with my print task on our ArcGIS Server that works in the flex viewer apps, I get not results and no errors.  The print templates I have to choose from are still those associated with the default Esri print service.  When I choose one of those templates, the print button changes to say "Printing" for a short period, then it changes back to "Print", no link to get my printout.


I am using a print task created using this tutorial (which works in my flex app).




Jeff Ward

Summit County GIS