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Spatial join gives 'null' value.

Question asked by cincshell on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2014 by Dan_Patterson


I`ve got a point shapefile and a polygon feature shapefile. I was trying to join the attribute values of point shapefile to polygon shapefile based on their relative geographic location (say, 'contain' and sum up these attribute values). So, the polygon is the 'Target feature' and the point is the 'Join Feature'.


After I used the 'Spatial Join' tool, I noticed that new fields have been created in polygon shapefile, but the value are all 'null'. I double checked these fields in point shapefile, and they are all numeric ('double'). I have done this by using 'Spatial Join' tool from the toolbox and the common 'Join and Relate' function. Both of them are giving 'null' values.


Interestingly, if I increase the size of polygon features (originally 100 metre * 100 metre grid, increased to 1000 metre * 1000 metre grid), few cells within polygon features` attribute table start getting correct value, but most of them still appear to be 'null'.


I did the spatial join in Q-GIS, and I had no issue at all.



So I wonder what`s going on with ArcGIS 10.2.1 in terms of spatial join. Any suggestions?

sample field propertiesSample Field properties.PNG sample output: Output.PNG