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what services should be running for ArcGIS server 10.1

Question asked by alistair4267 on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by DStauning-esristaff

Hi All


Someone decided to reboot our ArcGis server and it now doesn't seem to work



Windows 2008 R2 (latest updates)

ArcGis Server 10.1 (Licensed)

IIS 7.5


When i go to the ArcGis manager the page is blank, when i try to hit the REST services nothing happens.


The only service i have running when checking services.msc is the "ArcGisServer.exe" i don't see anything else.


Please could someone confirm what Services need to be running and how i should go about getting them started again? (i don't mind if i have to manually start them)


Many thanks