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Get Triangles from Multipatch feature in Arcscene

Question asked by sirish.byreddy on Sep 10, 2014

Hi Everyone,


Can anyone help me how to get the Triangles from Multypatch feature in Arcscene. I want to know the Triangles count and its vertices co-ordinates from Multypatch feature.


IMultiPatch2 pMultiPatch2 = PFeature.Shape as IMultiPatch2;


IGeometryCollection multiPatchGeometryCollection = new MultiPatchClass() as IGeometryCollection;

multiPatchGeometryCollection = PFeature.ShapeCopy as IGeometryCollection ;


for (int i = 0; i < multiPatchGeometryCollection.GeometryCount; i++)


   //here i want to know each geomteries Triangles count and it vertices


Please see the attached screen shot from ArcScene.