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Using Field Calculator to calculate median - VBScript code

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 13, 2013
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Original Date: 2013-02-13T14:17:03-0600

I've created a custom BDS layer from data I imported and everything is working as it should. My only problem is the aggregation of Median Home Owner Value.

I need to create a Custom Calculation in VBScript that will aggregate the Median Home Owner Value data, similar to how Median Household Income (which is included in the original BA dataset) is aggregated. Normally, I would grab the calculation straight from Median Household Income and customize it to fit my needs, but I'm unable to view its custom calculation.

I have provided the code I was trying to use. It might be completely wrong but hopefully it will give an idea of what I'm trying to do. Also, I've attached a screenshot of what I'm doing, and the VBScript error I'm receiving.

I really appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!!!

Dim values(11)%nl% values(0) = Round([VAL0_CY])%nl% values(1) = Round([VAL50K_CY])%nl% values(2) = Round([VAL100K_CY])%nl% values(3) = Round([VAL150K_CY])%nl% values(4) = Round([VAL200K_CY])%nl% values(5) = Round([VAL250K_CY])%nl% values(6) = Round([VAL300K_CY])%nl% values(7) = Round([VAL400K_CY])%nl% values(8) = Round([VAL500K_CY])%nl% values(9) = Round([VAL750K_CY])%nl% values(10) = Round([VAL1M_CY])%nl%%nl% Dim rangeValues(11,1)%nl% rangeValues(0, 0) = 0%nl% rangeValues(0, 1) = 50000%nl% rangeValues(1, 0) = 50000%nl% rangeValues(1, 1) = 100000%nl% rangeValues(2, 0) = 100000%nl% rangeValues(2, 1) = 150000%nl% rangeValues(3, 0) = 150000%nl% rangeValues(3, 1) = 200000%nl% rangeValues(4, 0) = 200000%nl% rangeValues(4, 1) = 250000%nl% rangeValues(5, 0) = 250000%nl% rangeValues(5, 1) = 300000%nl% rangeValues(6, 0) = 300000%nl% rangeValues(6, 1) = 400000%nl% rangeValues(7, 0) = 400000%nl% rangeValues(7, 1) = 500000%nl% rangeValues(8, 0) = 500000%nl% rangeValues(8, 1) = 750000%nl% rangeValues(9, 0) = 750000%nl% rangeValues(9, 1) = 1000000%nl% rangeValues(10, 0) = 1000000%nl% rangeValues(10, 1) = 1000002%nl% %nl% Dim median%nl% median = CalculateMedianPareto(values, rangeValues)%nl% %nl% ReturnValue(median)