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Relief contour from tiff

Question asked by nicholina on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by nicholina
Hello, i get tiff image with relief, for any reason i put it here:

Using QGIS i transfer it to Contour
When i do the same in Arcgis i smth more wrong...Maybe Someone have idea how can i do this fransformation corrent? Its first

Second, i show piece of image of contour i've got:

I did Analisis Tools->Extract->Select and select just lines that have big Length (blue colour on picture)
I have question to 2 parts that r in red rectangles on picture:
2 rectangle. Two blue lines r broken, they have the same value, how can i connect them? (this is not one such conflict)
3 rectangle. Two lines r crossed, thats not correct! Maybe its some conflict with transferring to contour but how can i solve it?