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Managing of FILE Geodatabase - basics

Question asked by stanynek on Feb 9, 2014

First off all I�??m not programmer so it�??s difficult for me to explain my tasks.

I�??ve done my first customization for ArcGIS Desktop in VB.NET and now I need to connect variables (non-spatial) with a desktop database. My friend helped me and designed for me a structure of the database for my app (attachment) and also he set relations and tables in FILE Geodatabase.

Now I need to create functions to manage this FILE GDB for my ArcGIS customization. I don�??t know where to start so I�??m asking you for a little help. I will need to copy values from the GDB and save them into the GDB or delete whole tables or create new ones.

Do you think is it a good idea to work with FILE GDB or are there any other better options? Do you know about any samples/snippets that can help me at the beginning?

I know this are really basic questions but I'm a newbie  so thanks for any help,