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Polyline forming closed segment

Question asked by geonetadmin on Oct 8, 2013
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Original User: e_saurabh


We are facing a real complex issue regarding creating the Polyline from the coordinate values.

The issue is regarding polyline geometry, when we get the coordinates of the SQL Geometry and trying to create ARCGIS Geometry using PointCollection and Polyline class of IPointCollection and IGeometry interfaces through AddPointCollection method, the last and first vertices of the polyline geometry is getting joined automatically and forms a line segment and creates a shape like polygon and then pushes this to ArcSDE. This happens for simple and complex polylines. Attached is the actual polyline in the SQl Server geometry and the polyline which forms a close segment in ArcSDE GDB. We are using SQl Server 2008, ArcGIS Server 10.0 and ArcSDE 10.0. Attached are the images.

This has become a show stopper for our application. If anyone can please respond quickly on this.