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Two (or more) deep relationship classes in Map Service 10.1

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 19, 2013
Original User: cnorth


I'm stumped, and hope I'm not missing something obvious.  I have a SDE geodatabase (in PostgreSQL) with a feature class and two tables. The Feature class is called "Sites". Sites has a 1:M relationship class to a table called "Visit". "Visit" has a 1:M relationship class to a table called "Observation". So, the relationship classes go "two deep"...

Sites - 1:M - Visits - 1:M - Observations

This is not my preferred way of modelling this, but there is a business requirement forcing us.

In ArcMap, adding the feature class works fine.  When I do an identify, I see the tree with the proper nesting. I have added the feature class and the tables to a map document, and published it as a service.

When you explore the REST end points, you see that the relates are present on the feature class and the tables. 

However, when you view the map service inside of ArcMap, or inside the Flex viewer, you are only ever presented with the first level of the relationship.  That is, you see the "Sites", and you see the related "Visits" but you never see the "Observations".

At first, I assumed this was a limitation of the Flex Viewer (probably is), but ArcMap behaves the same way.  I've included some screen grabs to show this issue in ArcMap - one shows the SDE layer, the other the map service.

Any thoughts?  Is "one deep" a limit for Map Services?

Chris North