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Photo Textures Mis-Matched When Exported to CE Web Scene

Question asked by cc3dinc on Nov 8, 2012

I have created a new CE project that contained imported 3D multipatch gray buildings and  photo-textured .KMZ buildings.  When I exported the models to the CityEngine Web Scene, the photo textures were not mapped correctly on the .KMZ buildings. When I copied the .KMZ buildings to my assets, I was careful to contain each one in its own folder to keep them separate because many of the texture names are the same for each model. They look correct in the CE environment.  What can I do besides renaming the 1000 or so texture files to correct this?

Also is there a method to edit or add object attributes such as "name", "sq area", "type", etc for imported .KMZ (or textured .DAE) buildings?

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