�??Interactive supervised classification�?� issues,

Discussion created by Jamal432@gmail.com on Oct 31, 2012
�??Interactive supervised classification�?� issues,

I tried to apply the �??Interactive supervised classification�?� to capture the areas of olive trees from an image of 3 bands (layers).

1. What is the effect of the number of bands of an image on the supervised classification?


2. The generated raster has an attribute table with no cell counts.

3. how can I calculate the areas of olive trees? Do the count of cells equal the sum cells of green+red+blue? in this case the calculated area doesn�??t sound to be logic!

Assuming that the class 1 represent the olives tree, then the area is

407*0.5*0.5=101.75 m2

Is this correct?


Thank you for the help,