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Flip Graticule Labeling Axis

Question asked by kpurdon on Jan 31, 2012
Using the NSIDC_Polar_Sterographic_South projection to display data in Antarctica has created an issue with my "Graticule" grid in layout mode.

The grid labels the horizontal (Longitude) on the Top and Bottom axis and the vertical (Latitude) on the Left and Right axis. The problem is since the projection has N oriented left the Longitude intersects the Left and Right, and Latitude the Top and Bottom axis of the data frame. Therefore very few labels are displayed. (Labels are displayed at intersections of the graticule and the label axis of the data frame)

If you could rotate which graticule (Lat v. Lon) is displayed on which axis (Top/Bottom v. Left/Right) my issue would be resolved. Can you do this? How?

(Greenland [Landscape] is how it should be, but Antarctica [Portrait] is incorrect)
The rest of the map features are still a work in progress, just focus on the graticules.