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Network analysis service: service area & shortest route path: clarification?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Nov 22, 2011
Original User: jagadeesh88

Helo ESRI Friends

This query is regarding Network analyst with geo processing models.

these are the network analysis tasks.

1) Service area with geo processing models
2) make shoretest route with geo processing models

see the above snap shots for the above example details. its aksing valid locations and valid stops locations.

These are the steps we have followed

we have used sanfransisco data .

1) we have added location tool from toolbox
2) then we have right click on the model builder and click variable then select feature set.
3) using feature set> right click properties and we have added point layer,, ex: hospitality layer
4) The point layer having all the SOC & SOM Other arcgis server permissions
5) added solve and then run the tool

but when i am running these 2 models we have faced above snap shot errors. would like to request you to solve this issue. what i did mistaken here. plese give me clear clarification for this without attaching links.

I have seen esri site these models were already available . but i need to know what is the exact there any possible to share these models to me...............please give me clear clarification. i need very urgency for the working project.