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Web service with several rasters - mosaic dataset and how do I go about it

Question asked by mettebs on Sep 9, 2014
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I have 24 rasters that I would like to present on a web map. They each represent the whole country of Denmark in a 30 m resolution. They contain textural information (sand, silt, fine sand, coarse sand, carbon) for each of four depth intervals (0-30, 30-60, 60-100 and 100-200 cm), e.g. one is sand percentage in 0-30cm, one is sand percentage in 30-60cm aso. Besides these 20, I have four (same depth intervals) categorical integer rasters. So a total of 24.


I would like to create a web map application where it's possible to click anywhere on the map and have a pop-up box with the values from each layer. It would also be nice to be able to narrow down to a selection of the layers, say, all sand layers and have those values show in the pop-up box - or all layers in the 0-30 cm.


Right now I have a webservice per layer, but from what I can tell, a mosaic dataset is the way to go if I want my pop-up box to work. At least when I look inside ArcGIS Online.


Could any of you gifted people please advice me on how to organize my data, create the webservice(s) and how to address the datasets in the mosaic dataset (if that is the way to go)?


I've tried building composite rasters where each depth is a band, but I'm so unsure of what would be the best format for what I want to do with the data in the web application.


Help :-)