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Is it possible to duplicate ESRI topo basemap colours for a hillshade/dem?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jul 3, 2014
Original User: welshlady

Hello.  I do not have experience making hillshades/reliefs etc, though I apply them in maps I make for customers. The ESRI topo basemap loads too slowly and I get error messages about memory once I continue adding the layers required for my map.  I would like to build my own hillshade that resembles the colours used in the TOPO basemap. The colours used in the other ESRI basemaps are boring variations of dirty dishwater beige for our location. This is an aerial photo of the extent [ATTACH=CONFIG]35068[/ATTACH]. This is the dem [ATTACH=CONFIG]35067[/ATTACH], we have a hillshade [ATTACH=CONFIG]35069[/ATTACH], and a coloured relief at 0% transparency [ATTACH=CONFIG]35070[/ATTACH], if I adjust the transparency on the coloured relief, it looks like I've added a piece of wax paper over the top and isn't achieving the result I want.  If someone can offer advice how to make a shaded relief look like the ESRI topo map it would be greatly appreciated. Also, will any cartography workshops be offered at the UC instead of just 'how to make pretty maps?'

Rae Kenny-Rife
GIS Tech
Yakima County.