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Error message when updating feature service

Question asked by kirkdavis on Jun 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by geonetadmin

I'll try to give a bit of background to this as I can, so as not to skew a neutral opinion.  I have 3 users running a simple point collection map service on Collector (iOS) that are receiving an odd ERROR message when they attempt to update a feature service in disconnected editing mode (cached).  The form that they populate is not completely filled for each point.

I have attached two different error messages.  An example of the error (if the attachments don't open immediately):

"ERROR insert into "cone_survey_locations_evw" ("OBJECTID", "WAYPOINT_NAME",...(this list continues with all of the feature service input fields)) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?....(continues with a bunch of questions marks, for each field presumably))

I read somewhere about there being issues with required fields in the file geodatabase?  I know that I made their geodatabase with a few required fields.  The confusing part is that the service has been working for a few days and now just won't save any points in the cached mode. 

I hope that you can shed some light on what these error messages are referring too!