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Exporting several features at the same time

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 19, 2014
Original User: C@rto0912


I'm using Model Builder in ArcGis 9.3 to export 3 shapefiles from a GDB consist of 3 feature class. I select from GDB with the field NUMBER using the parameter Number. Folder Output and Output feature class are also parameters. If I apply this model one time everything is correct but if I batch it using Parameters as Lists it doesn't work. I want to export from GDB 3 feature class (Pol_T0164.shp, Pol2_T0164.shp, Point_T0164.shp) in the folder "T0164" and to repeat the same action with every number (0344, 0395, etc). I have more than 400 numbers.

I attach my model. Thanks for your help,