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DynamicMapServiceLayer Projection Issues

Question asked by bryanblaisdell on Jun 18, 2014
I am stumped with an issue regarding the projection of a DynamicMapServiceLayer.  By itself, the layer displays properly, but whenever I add the "World Streets" basemap to my map, the dynamic map services projection becomes "approximated."

Here is the layer correctly drawn:

Here is the layer "approximated" after the addition of the "World Streets" basemap layer:

Clearly, since the basemap layer is added first to the map, it is affecting the map's spatial reference and, therefore, causing issues with the dynamic map service layer.  My question is.... why?

Shouldn't the dynamic map service layer be automatically reprojected to match the projection of the map? 

If yes, then why would the rendering appear so strange?  If no, then is there any way to manually reproject the dynamic service layer, say, using a geometry service projection?

Thanks in advance.