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How to Coordinate positioning

Question asked by xiaoyun8786 on May 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by xiaoyun8786
Hello superior�?
     I am a newer to arcgis,now I  have a question, open you can help me.
There is a button  on map, when I onclick the button ,Pop  a dialog, title is  Coordinate Location, on the left  is  two Radio Buttons�?default is top one�? and the right is two input texts�?when click the first radio buttons�?the right is two input texts �?you can input
longitude and latitude like 110.1234  in it [ATTACH=CONFIG]34069[/ATTACH]; when click the second radio button  the right  is  longitude  is three input text [ATTACH=CONFIG]34070[/ATTACH](or  the component like it ) (Minute and second degree) .when click ok, go to check longitude is -180---180,latitude is -90----90,when check  ok  ,go to location on the map, holp you can help ,thanks very much