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Layers are not ordered properly

Question asked by FracTrackerAlliance on May 19, 2014
I have a map  that contains multiple layers that should be visible at this scale.  The order of my layers in the legend is not being reflected on the map.  I have attached two screenshots, one with all three generalized layers visible, and one without the drilled wells (middle layer).  Note that you cannot see the yellow violations layer when the drilled wells are also selected, even  though they should draw on top of them.

Any suggestions on a work-around would be appreciated.  The proper order should be yellow on top of orange on top of purple - I also included a screenshot from the desktop program, which shows them ordered properly.


EDIT:  Sometimes if I save, leave, and re-enter the map, it is ordered properly, but this is inconsistent.  There's still something buggy going on though.