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Short List template be installed entirely on our own web server

Question asked by geonetadmin on May 8, 2014
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I'm trying to figure out the different templates and where all the web map/images get stored for the template to run. In showing a link to a story map I created to one of our internet folks they thought the performance of the story maps was appalling and didn't want to integrate them with our current department website with the ESRI cloud service thinking that when the ESRI server has troubles this would also be reflected on our own web pages.

I'm wondering for the shortlist map story templates can everything reside on our own web server so there is no linkage issues with ESRI server or cloud. I know the images can and the template but didn't know if the web map still is linked to from ArcGIS Online? I really like the story map concept/look and would like to give it a go. Just trying to figure out some information since a current hurdle is our internet specialist that says we should start from scratch, build a complete application and deploy it from our own web server.

Have folks done this and has performance improved? Our the templates just slow to load? I would really appreciate any feedback on getting them integrated with your current websites and what worked best for performance?