Starting my GIS Career

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Hi all, i am looking for some assistance or recommendations for GIS job openings. i presently have about 2 years experience working as a GIS intern/teaching assistant. During my last year in undergraduate school and for most of my graduate program, I worked extensively with ArcGIS desktop products such as ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcGIS Server/Flex  I have worked with developing ARCSDE databases for 1 year and publishing web mapping applications via ArcGIS Server Manager.  I worked extensively with spatial and tabular databases in an enterprise environment using variety of tools, relational database management interfaces, and structured query languages (SQL) and GIS software.  I used ArcMap and �??ERDAS imagine�?? to work with different satellite images, editing, manipulating and deriving critical information from data obtained.  I am able to perform batch processing functions, calling geographic tools and customizing user interfaces by writing script codes using python. I also learned spatial analysis, computer cartography, spatial statistics, feature editing and digitizing. Data collection using mapping grade global positioning systems and differential correction, editing and exporting the GPS data into a GIS form was also learned. I learned about field research and environmental impact assessment while working as an intern at my undergraduate college.

My online portfolio depicting projects completed during my graduate program can be viewed at

Direct responses or emails on recommendations are welcome. Thanks.