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Batch Subwatershed Delineation falls short in many areas

Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 14, 2014
Original User: jedd937

I have run the ArcHydro model to create subwatershed delineations through the application of Fdr, Str, and DrainagePoint, however the output areas fall short in many instances within the catchments/adjointcatchments. Proper batch protocol was followed for the DrainagePoint batch point including adding the fields SnapOn, BatchDone, Descript, and Name, and removing secondary points. The subwatershed areas do not always overlay with the DrainagePoint and the subwatershed polygon tends to begin about 1/2 raster cell above the drainage point.

I recently upgraded to 10.2.1 for Desktop. Any thoughts on why my Subwatershed delineation is acting this way is appreciated.