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Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 12, 2014
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I'm trying to create a web application from my ArcGIS Online account, where I take information from my lawyer called "Tracts for sale" and have the general public search for a particular tract based on a field attribute within that layer. The name of the field attribute is "Tract" (non-alias name is "Tract_"). See "Screen shot #1"- attached for the layer I'm working with.

I tried using the template app "Finder", but once I was in the configure app. section, a large error button appeared indicating that none of my layers were to be found (see "Screen shot #2" - attached).

I don't know what to do next...I can't get it to work. What I'd really, really like to be able to do is to have the public say to themselves, "hey, I'd like to use this search function to find a specific tract number that I know's name is tract "33-14". Then, they could type in the tract number, and then the map would zoom to it, or at least identify its location. Or, even better, search by a price range (I have price as another attribute field in the same layer called "Tracts for sale").

Any help for me...especially why it says, "This layer was not found in the map"?

Thank you!

~ Jake