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Print Map Templates hidden behind other controls

Question asked by geonetadmin on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by craygo
Original User: hbostic


//to accomondate the fact the bootstrap controls fall in front of the dojo menu options, I followed the post below

Code here
aspect.after(printMapTool._printButton, "openDropDown", function() {
                   $('.dijitPopup.dijitMenuPopup').each(function() {
                       $('#' +'z-index', 2000);


This works for the print widget as well but with one important difference

When the print is successful, it changes the widget to a link to the newly created doc and upon clicking that link creates a new print widget, which means I can no long connect to the _printButton as there is no way to get access to it anymore

in print-complete, the _printButton has not yet changed to the link yet, so there is not way for me to connect to the link's click event to try and connect back to the _printButton 'openDropDown' event

Attached is the sequence of actions.  I call my code to put the templates in front, all is good, I have a successful print and click the link, once the link turns back into the print button, I have no way of wiring things back up again so the template table falls behind my other controls.

1, am I going about this wrong
2. is there a way for me to capture the link url, but prevent the print out link from showing that way I don't lose my connect and can display the result somewhere else on the UI