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Perplexed - Map Statistics from ArcGIS Server Logs example script

Question asked by smenefee on Apr 3, 2014
I am using ESRI's example python script I found here that will grab the map service stats from the past 24 hours and write them out to a text file.  I was easily able to get it to work after I changed my log level to "fine" as the Help suggested.  However, the resultant files don't seem to be going back the full 24 hours!

When I run it once and then run it a few minutes later, I would expect the "Number of Hits" in the second file to be larger than the first because it is accumulating.  Instead, I find that sometimes they're higher and sometimes they're lower (and we should have a LOT more hits for the past 24 hours on these services).  In fact, some of the services in the first don't even show up in the second one.  It's as if it's only capturing log data from the past 1 or 2 minutes.

I've attached two screenshots.  The "ran_first.jpg" was the results after I ran it the first time, and the "ran_second.jpg" are the results after running the script a few minutes later.  As you can see, some of the map services have smaller hits in the second than the first.  I am completely perplexed!  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because I'd love to have this work and have it run on a daily schedule....thanks!