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Populate a SDE Feature Class from an independent SQL Database

Question asked by Lcaraway34_1 on Mar 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by cyrilcherian
We have real time data that is collected  in the field that then lives on a SQL database. I have a sde point feature class (I believe its on a separate server) for the corresponding data. My question is, what is the best way to link these together so that the sde FC is always updated with what was recorded in the field without interrupting services i.e. the web map the sde data is hosted on as well as other applications that use the same data.

One solution I have thought of would be to have a script that dumps the SQL data into a csv at the desired time increments and then do a simple table join with the  feature class. It has been expressed to me that it would be more desirable to reduce the moving parts (and reliability upon a csv) and attempt a SQL to SQL/SDE transaction if at all possible.

We are on 10.2

Any thoughts would be appreciated!