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creating smaller polygons inside a large polygon automatically

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 22, 2014
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Original User: jwalkerack

Hi am not sure if this is in the right place. But hopefully someone can give me some direction i am relative new to arc , so if anyone could suggest better terminology for what i am looking to do , then feel to add some comments or ideas for doing it a more effective way . thanks very much for reading

The process i am trying to get maximum coverage of building blocks within an area .

There are certain areas where the building blocks can go for example they have to be a certain distance from roads and rivers power networks and other features.

I thought the best way go about this was to merge all of these data sets together into one data set , which i ran a buffer on to give me the distance away. Once i had this i erased this from the template polygon of the area

So i now i am left with a polygon where the buildings blocks could potentially go. In the attached picture all the blue areas are potential building plots areas . The white areas are non building plot areas.[ATTACH=CONFIG]32418[/ATTACH]

So at this stage i am struggling with both the concept and the process of doing this automatically as there a couple of issues

The building blocks are made up of two factors firstly the actual building . This is defined by the perimeter around the building. The second factor which makes up the building plot is the outer building. i have attached a couple picture of them here [ATTACH=CONFIG]32419[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]32420[/ATTACH]

So it is the actual building perimeter which is important as it has to be a given distance from features. So as i mentioned before the building as to be certain distance from roads, rivers areas defined as greenbelt , brown belt etc

but it is the building + Outer building =  the total building plot

coming back to my first polygon picture , the building cannot be outside the blue colored area , but the outer building area can be
i have attached another picture , showing the building plot over lapping onto the white area

you might also notice that in my pictures the building plots have a certain orientation and i would be interested to keep this

So i guess what i am looking for is a way of breaking down my polygon  and filling it with these building plots

Firstly with building perimeter not crossing the boundary and then adding on my out building layer and then calculating all the potential areas

with desired result be a some thing like this
i like the computer to work out all of the areas and draw out the building plots making sure that they do not overlap and the perimeter is never overlaps the boundary , but allows for the outbuilding to over lap. I am not sure if there is an easy way of doing this , but if anyone has some ideas  that would be great. Thanks very much for reading , jack