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Increasing the performance of enterprise geodatabase (*.mdf),

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 7, 2014
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Increasing the performance of enterprise geodatabase (*.mdf),

I have an *.mdf geodatabase which gets really slow when one of layer (stored in it) is accessed. The mdf size is about 4GB while the ldf size is 15GB.


13 versions are permanently linked to this enterprise geodatabase


To increase the performance, I have created a new mdf geodatabse and copied and pasted all the data from the old mdf to it. Then as I access the layers from the new mdf geodatabase, the performance increased dramatically (the versions had to be built again).

I???m sure that this is not the correct approach to increase the performance of an existing mdf geodatabase. What I???m looking for is some tools in the ArcGIS\SQL server that can improve the performance. The documents encourage to apply the ???compress geodatabase??? tool to increase the performance.


What other tools\recommendation might help to enhance the performance dramatically?

Thank you