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Problem adding map service from ArcGIS for Server

Question asked by TWSAdmin on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by geonetadmin
I have a simple map service ( published on our ArcGIS Server (v10.2), and I can't get it to display in an ArcGIS Online for Organizations web map.  The service displays six points scattered across the United States.  As you'll notice from the URL, we're using the Web Adaptor with security configured as shown in the following image.

My service is configured for public access.

My map-making process is

  1. Add/Add layer from web

  2. Specify my map service URL (

  3. Confirm that the type of data is set to "An ArcGIS Server Web Service"

  4. "Use as Basemap" is unchecked

  5. Click "Add Layer"

I get the following error message.

If I click the "View in: Map" link near the top of the service entry in the Services Directory (see following image), the service displays properly.

Is anyone able to explain this behavior and/or help me understand what I need to do to be able to add map services to an ArcGIS Online map?