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Orthos in image service or map service?

Question asked by kcheng888 on Feb 12, 2014
Okay..I'm sure this has been asked before but here goes;

  • ArcServer 10.2 with no image extension, so I cannot publish directly from a mosaic dataset.

  • 20 ortho imagery in TIF format

At ArcGIS 10.0, I would create a MXD and simply add all 20 TIF images to my MXD and create a map service and then create a tiled cache.


Now at ArcGIS 10.21, I was trying something different....I created a Mosaic Raster Dataset using all 20 TIF images and then generated a tile cache from the Mosaic dataset.  After the tile generation, I can use the cache and create an image service.


I'm wondering which is better method is better in terms of performance?  Also, using a mosaic dataset appear to look better too.