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similar Field Calculation functionality in Geomedia Professional 6.1?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 10, 2014
Original User: DanBear

I DO KNOW this is a Geomedia-oriented question, but the main reason I am posting is that it involves similar operations that ArcGIS Users do that maybe you have found a way to do in Geomedia.

I am trying to find a field calculation functionality in Geomedia Professional 6.1 that is (somewhat) similar to what would be found in ArcGIS, OR a way to import a script written in Visual Basic.

I have a roads layer with Postmile values at each intersection, but what I want to have at each intersection is the Odometer Value for that street at that intersection--no matter which direction the street is going (for our sake our roads layer's values go West-East and South-North).   I simply am trying to create Odometer Values at the interethrough this method:

Postmile B (TO postmile) - Postmile A (FROM postmile) = C value  ODOMETER VALUE = C1
Postmile B (TO postmile) - Postmile A (FROM postmile) = C2 value  ODOMETER VALUE = C1 + C2

and so on until the end of the current street.

The Field Calculator operators/functions are basically the default functions you would see anywhere.   The best that I can do is do B-A, but there isn't a way to add the C values sequentially, and there isn't really a way to import a Macro or a script (see attachment) written in Visual Basic/MS Access into Geomedia.

MS_Excel_Calculation_MACRO is the Visual Basic Script that calculates the values.
ALA CALC is a basic example of how the value is calculated in MS Excel.

Any ideas/suggestions are entirely welcome.

Daniel B