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Please Help - ArcGIS 10.1 not functioning in bootcamp (but ArcGIS 10.0 does?)

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 7, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2014 by willegan
Original User: willegan

I had a prior student version of ArcGIS 10.0 running fine on my Macbook Pro in bootcamp running Windows 7, but for some reason when I installed 10.1, I started getting weird graphic display issues:

In a nutshell, after successful installation and authorization of ArcGIS 10.1, when I open an .mxd (v10.0 or v10.1), the scaling of the text is way too large in the table of contents and way too small in the menus and the mouse pointer/clicks are not functioning appropriately.  The functionality of the tools still seems to be working (even though it is difficult to negotiate the mouse with the offset micro-menus).  I presume it may be a graphics driver issue?  The strange thing is that this is not at all a problem when running my previous version of ArcGIS 10.0 (the same .mxd that works fine in 10.0 has the graphics issues in 10.1).  I have attached screenshots with details of my system to clarify my technical system details and an image depicting the problem itself.

I am running Windows 7 64bit home premium in bootcamp on a mid-2012 Macbook Pro with Intel HD Graphics 4000/Nvidia Geoforce GT 650M graphics.   I have installed all of the associated bootcamp drivers (Boot Camp Support Software 5.0.5033) to run windows 7 in bootcamp and all other applications/functions are working fine. I have downloaded a student version of ArcGIS 10.1 (GTK ArcGIS Desktop 10.1) and I have successfully installed/authorized it. I made sure to follow the instruction from ESRI and install the .NET update as well.  I sent a help request to ESRI, but doubt I will get much support on this. 

I am a student with immediate assignments due and this is a real hang up for me.  I'd rather not buy a windows machine just to run 1 piece of software.

Any other bootcamp ArcGIS users out there who can help me?  I'm still confounded that 10.0 works but 10.1 doesn't...