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Problem Importing GeoTIFF Terrain Into CityEngine

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 6, 2014
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Original User: ForgeSouth

Hi everybody,

I am new to CityEngine and to GIS. I am a hobbyist doing 3D and now am looking to do a recreation of the city I grew up in in South Africa. I am using GlobalMapper 15 and have generated a GeoTIFF file (headers included) as well as a world file (TFW) and a PRJ file. Those two files are separate from the GeoTIFF file.

When I import into CityEngine it reads the terrain bounds and resolution just fine, no problem. The issue is that there is no elevation data in it. It is just basically a texture. I have imported it using the Layer>New Layer>Terrain method, but as I say, no elevation information. The source of the data is an SRTM 3-Arc Second overlay.

I have used 2 export methods in GlobalMapper (Export as Raster Image and Export Elevation Grid Format) but both produce the same problem.

I have also read on in the resources for ArcGIS CityEngine that if there is no elevation data in the image, CityEngine will automatically search for a TFW or PRJ file in the same folder to extract the data, but I have placed all files in the same folder an it is not making any difference. I have also made sure that the header files are written into the TIFF (that's why it is importing correct bounds etc...). The only problem is elevation data.

I have attached all the files, and also some files for Cape Town (even Table Mountain comes out flat on the ground). I would GREATLY appreciate people's help and guidance!! As a hobbyist, I cannot afford ArcGIS mapping, so I have to stick with GlobalMapper (but it seems to be fine), but I would really deeply appreciate assistance!!

PS. I am a layman, so please try to respond in layman's terms :D

Thank you in advance!!!