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Bugs: Pecualir Client-Side Measuments with GeodesicUtils

Question asked by deriven on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by deriven
Sample here:  , a modified version of this sample.

Three bugs I believe exist here:

1) Areas and lengths between GeodesicUtils and GeometryService are off in general.  Areas seem to be off by 2x between client GeodesicUtils and server GeometryService.

2) On Windows 8 Chrome (latest commercial build), area does not work at all.

3?) Looking at the javascript from the API and using JSLint against it, there are several areas without semi-colons.  Also there is a global "b" variable that might be causing issues?

edit .. 4 bugs .. Windows 8 Chrome calls GeometryService twice?

See attached images for test results.

1st image: windows 7 chrome browser
2nd image: windows 7 firefox browser
3rd image: windows 8 chrome browser