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Arcgis online problem with projection with arcgis mobile

Question asked by jekenstedt1 on Feb 3, 2014
There is something strange with the projections of shapes from arcgis online and Arcgis Mobile.

I use arcgis mobile 10.2. I upload shapes in WGS 1984 Web mercator to arcgis online. They project well and sync with collector in iOS. They projection looks  good in Arcgis Mobile, it works good to collect features. But when I sync the geometry is destroyed and shows like lines, look at attached picture from arcgis collector.


I have used Arcgis Server and didn´t have the same problem. But I would like to use ArcGIS online!

In ArcGIS project center the extent of the layer from ArcGIS-online looks strange. Look at image below:

But in Arcgis online it looks good. Look at the image below:

There is a serious problem with Arcgis online and Arcgis Online.