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Client machine having difficulty opening MXD's on shared drive?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 26, 2014
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Original User: se2539

Got a call from a colleague that a client machine was having difficulty accessing saved MXD's on a shared network drive.  The machine could open the MXD's no problem, but would experience the dreaded red exclamation points for all the feature classes and tables that are located on the enterprise GDB. Right clicking and looking at the data source, something weird was definitely going on:


Note the ALL CAPS ... never seen that before when looking at the data source of an FC or Table.

Funny thing is, when one manually resets the data source (right click the FC/Table, goes to properties, "Set Data Source"), the layer works just fine. 

Here's a look at what a "working" feature class should look like when accessing from our database:


I should note that this is only occurring on only one client machine in an organization of about 7 or so machines.  Additionally, I should also point out that this organization received a CPU upgrade and software upgrade to ArcGIS 10.1 around the September 2013 time frame ... however, this particular problem has only occurred in the last week or so on the one machine in question.

This problem has really got me and my colleagues stumped ... we would really like to be able to open MXD's without having to repair every single path!