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Which geo-location Twitter data should I use?

Question asked by sunilpalkar on Jan 24, 2014
Hello All,

I have seen that ArcGIS is using twitter data in custom apps (JSAPI & Flex)  so I am asking this question here.

I am extracting twitter location on my side.Few tweets has perfect location but in most cases additional details are available (i.e. Country,bounding_box,poly lines etc)

So confused regarding selecting proper location.

Consider following case in which country is given and additional information like bounding box and geometry is available.

Please check the screenshots :

Complete Twitter string : Click here to see complete extracted tweet (too long hence put on JSFiddle). Due to some reason modified twitter ID's.

So which geo-location should I consider?

If I go country wise then getting many tweets on single point so I am confused.

Therefore, any help/suggestion will be great!!!

Thanks in advance