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Python AddIn tool or way to add Source information of Layers to map

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 23, 2014
Original User: amit.jadhav47

Hello Everyone

I am trying to create tool for adding source/caveat information to map. (something similar to legend wizard in ArcGIS - when we add layer it shows label which we add in properties symbology)

I have a table which have two columns. First coloumn contains names of feature classes stored in ArcCatalog and in Second coloumn I have added source information (for example "Pipelines@UKDeal,2010) etc

Now what I am trying to achieve is if someone adds Pipeline dataset in MXD it will add that source information somewhere in map layout. Is it possible to create tool for this using Python AddIn wizard. I have attached Map and Table for example

Please can someone guide me how to achieve this. Thanks in advance for all your valuable input.

Many Thanks