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???Identify??? on mxd and its ???service???,

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 15, 2014
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�??Identify�?� on mxd and its �??service�?�,

I�??m wondering why the �??identify�?� introduces different results if a particular feature is clicked on mxd and its services.

For example, in the screenshots below, as the same feature class is clicked by the �??identify�?� tool, then different �??display fields�?� are shown. In case of mxd, the values of �??ZoneClassification_Arabic�?� field are shown while in case of the �??service�?� the values of �??ZonecommunityName_Arabic�?� field are shown.


This is despite the fact that the �??ZoneClassification_Arabic�?� field is set to be the �??display field�?�


What might be the issue here?

Why the behavior of the "identify" is different between the mxd and its service?

Thank you