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Hillshade function in Mosaic rasters

Question asked by dodriscoll on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by jgalyon
Hi There,
I have multiple grids for bathymetry data of the seafloor.  I've mosaiced these rasters to create a continuous image and would now like to apply some greyscale shading to highlight the features on the seafloor.  I've tried a lot of options but the images produced are very smoothed and it's difficult to see any definition in the features.

Attached are 2 images 1 that was created by another mapping package (Test_GM.jpg) which is how I would like the data to look - slightly darker and with the features both craggy rocks and smooth sandwaves are well defined. The second produced using the Hillshade function in mosaic rasters (Test_ArcGIS.jpg) firstly is very pale therefore light and shaded areas are not well contrasted as a result the features to me are not as well defined as they could be.  I used the following parameters in ArcGIS:
Altitude: 45
Scaling Adjusted
Z factor: 10
Pixel Size Power: 0.8
Pixel Size Factor: 0.024

All suggestions welcome as I'd like to continue to use the mosaics rather then having to create new images in a seperate mapping package.