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Data Driven Page, Legend Label Dropped

Question asked by SunsArchitect on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by geonetadmin

I am currently working in a file where I'm utilizing Data Driven Pages.  I'm trying to use the same set of data (shapefile) to preform two different tasks, the first that populates my circle points, with color and number, while the second populates my location names which are located in the legend to the right.  See images.



The issue I'm trying to resolve is that while the number on the map will populate, the number in the legend will not.  There are only two numbers that this is happening to but I don't know how to correct it. 

The process that I'm using to populate the second legend is to bring the second layer instance into ArcMap open the layer properties, navigate to the Symbol tab, use the Unique Values, many fields.  One value field populates the number and the second value field populates the name.  Once all the values have been added I completely removed the symbols so that all I have is text.  It is at this point that I have two numbers/names that drop out from the list.  The two numbers/names do appear in the attribute table but to not appear in the category list.  I have tried to manually add the value by using 'Complete List' and 'Add to List' but the complete list is grayed out so I can't use it, and the add to list will allow me to enter the number but it will not 'Count' the point.  I'm not sure why the two points won't populate but any advise would be appreciated.